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November 2007

Special Feature

Your Guide to socially responsible investing: Special Supplement

Over the past 10 years, only the salaries of professional baseball players have kept up in terms of growth

Corporations and their advisors continue to build new models for setting top pay rates

Large companies are looking for better ways to link performance and rewards

The CSA is taking more time to harmonize its executive compensation policy with the U.S. policy

Comment & Insight

Despite recent arrests, there are always 40 to 50 fraudulent call centres operating in the city

The U.S. regulatory system isn’t perfect, but Canada can still learn from it

These two dogs ravage down healthy portions of veggies as fervently as a steak

When I was younger, I could not understand why anyone would want to retire. What would you do with yourself all day?Well, now — in…

There was nothing worse as a kid than realizing your little punk neighbour had surpassed you at something. It didn’t matter what it was; if…

Royalty system review causes a rift between Calgary and the rest of the province

Defenders of the status quo in the Canadian retail financial services industry must be either hopelessly naïve or utterly disingenuous. In a recent editorial, Investment…

The Internet and U.S.-style interventions played a prominent part in getting the Liberals re-elected

Investment research

Canada has lost the advantage it has had over the U.S. since 2002, in terms of business costs

Advisors need to deal with the disconnect between what clients hear on the news and what they see on their statements

The new fashion in debt will be just plain vanilla bonds — not acronyms or funny names

But the slowdown in the western economies expected for 2008 will moderate the bank’s recent hectic pace

The companies trading on the S&P/TSX information technology subindex are no longer indicative of the sector’s strength

Focus on Products

Fund industry needs to disclose its exposure to these beleaguered securities

Managers are divided on Europe’s prospects: some say it will benefit from global growth; others say the slowdown will continue

IFIC survey also finds a distinct investor preference for mutual funds

AGF expands fund-management teamJamie Horvat, Caterina Prato and Dan Rea have joined the fund-management team at Toronto-based AGF Funds Inc. Horvat has been assigned to…

Chou RRSP Fund’s stronger long-term record gives it an edge on Mackenzie Ivy Enterprise Fund

Structured product manufacturers have introduced funds that focus on overseas securities and local asset classes

Star investment manager Kim Shannon brings her deft touch to a new line of funds at Brandes

Some advisors like the move but are waiting for further bells and whistles, not to mention lower fees


Club touts member participation in investment decisions, and charges a $1,000 membership fee

The launch of three new funds is Seamark’s attempt to get back into the mutual fund business

BCSC panel finds that the former investment advisor defrauded investors of millions to support his lavish lifestyle

Cleaning up the ABCP mess is just the latest high-profile task in Crawford’s illustrious career

Changes range from fewer withholding taxes to harmonizing capital gains rules

Some worry if Canadians buy U.S. homes, they won’t contribute to RRSPs

China will soon become the planet’s largest economic power, testifying to the major impact that global industrialization is having on the world’s economy.Now in second…

British organization moves to improve areas such as valuation, governance and disclosure

Top executives in Cana-da’s financial services industry collectively took home considerably more than half a billion dollars in compensation last year — with the big…

Multiple tax advantages, such access to the capital gain exemption, could mean higher profits

Report says lower-margin activities may weigh down fund valuations

The Supreme Court’s decision in Danier provides clarity as to what issuers are allowed to disclose

Private investors using the retail assets of the once successful SciVest to form Ark

A major reform of European securities laws could offer signs of what’s ahead for the domestic investment industry

Receiver seeks interest on debentures provided to team owned by the mayor

Building Your Business

A successful brochure addresses specific needs and offers solutions, says Michael Wickware, creative director of Wickware Communications Inc. in Toronto. He offers these tips to…

Sensitive information on financial services systems is particularly at risk from malicious spam e-mail

A bare-knuckle assault on investment advisors and managers is well worth reading

Rules could affect advisors following up on client referrals; violations could result in penalties up to $15,000

Shortfalls in one partner’s assets can be addressed by using new structures and adding insurance

Although Scott Stewart doesn’t consider cold-calling fun, it has netted his business some significant clients

Forming a partnership with another advisor has its risks; you could be liable for your partner’s regulatory missteps

Carrying too many pounds is more than an image problem — that extra weight can lead to life-threatening diseases

By cold-calling thousands of potential clients each year, advisor Scott Stewart and his team at ScotiaMcLeod Inc. in Winnipeg have taken the hard route to…

Lost? Help may be as close as your BlackBerry or your cellphone

A polished and informative brochure can help you connect with clients; focus on specific needs and how you can meet them

Single boomers are rewriting the rules of new relationships; advisors need to be wary of the pitfalls

Proposed registered plans may not be ideal for clients in all asset levels

Journalists will seek your input into their articles and shows if you prove informative, concise, reliable and timely

Staffing is often cited as the No. 1 challenge for advisors looking to build their businesses. Many cite hiring a good assistant or junior advisor…

When consumers don’t see value, they base their decisions on price

Building good relations with financial journalists will establish your reputation as a financial expert and generate free publicity for your services. By following the following…

What’s the best move you’ve made in your career? Your worst move? Ask these questions of enough financial advisors and you come up with an…