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Mid-November 2019


The investment fund is the first of its kind in the world

Conflict could exist, as course provider and accreditation body are owned by the same company

Best-interest concept and incentive programs to be examined

This year's winner of the IIAC Top Under 40 Award advises corporate clients and high-potential millennials and he volunteers in his community

Building Your Business

Research shows that RI does not lead to poorer returns

Senior clients have specific needs. Most important, ensure you're communicating with them in the manner that suits them best

Low rates and clients' longevity challenge traditional asset allocation, yet moving beyond the status quo is also a challenge

Determine any gaps in insurance by matching their assets and their needs to their liabilities

With many institutions offering free courses for seniors, there are several options for retirees who want to be lifelong learners

While seniors are increasingly tech-savvy, scammers are becoming more sophisticated. Share this list of tips with your senior clients

Conversations about the possibility of job loss, divorce and illness are unpleasant but necessary elements of a truly proactive financial plan

A recent court case demonstrates the importance of clients keeping track of their maximum RRSP contributions

Focus on Products

Emerging markets will continue to grow faster than their developed counterparts

Comment & Insight

Alberta's prospects are much better than the media and separatist movement make them seem