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January 2019


There’s support for the CSA’s proposals, but criticism of regulators

Escalation of the U.S./China trade war is the biggest risk

Tax Court decision may limit the scope of the advantage tax

Most companies had improved earnings, but slower growth will mean smaller increases in profits

The new CEO of PWL is focused on embracing technology and bringing in young advisors to help the firm attract clients

Gauging Canadian millennials’ knowledge of investing

The significant market downturn many experienced may have translated into an aversion toward investing

Building Your Business

The financial services industry faces many challenges this year, including slowing growth, rising interest rates and changes to the regulatory framework

The Ontario government, elected last June, has a policy of deregulation in general, but also is willing to interfere with policy-making directly

As ETFs' explosive growth in AUM continues, expect more actively managed ETFs and lower fees. While mutual funds' massive AUM dominates - for now -…

Squeezed by rising operations costs, heavier compliance burdens, shifting client expectations and tougher competition, independent asset-management firms increasingly are open to fielding attractive offers of…

A flat yield curve — or, worse, an inverted one — will make business for banks, life insurance companies and utilities more difficult. Either curvature…

Tax specialists anticipate narrowly targeted changes, as opposed to broad-based tax cuts, in the upcoming federal budget as the Liberals prepare for an election

New class of mutual funds gives investors access to defensive strategies such as short selling, leveraging and use of derivatives

As retiring baby boomers need help with their increasingly complex finances, planning becomes more critical

Helping clients identify how emotion affects their decision-making process regarding investing will become even more important if stock markets or the economy take a turn…

Although institutional investors have long embraced ESG factors, retail assets in RI-branded funds have tripled since 2015

Focus on Products

Despite challenges on the domestic front, managers of Canadian-focused equity funds are finding opportunities

Comment & Insight

In this age of rising populism and partisanship, the value of expertise and institutions increasingly is under siege. And that trend threatens economic growth and…