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February 2019


Can policy-makers lighten regulation and still protect investors?

Clients who invest in RRSPs should think long-term and diversify

Wealth-management firms compete for the business of health-care professionals

A little default risk may be acceptable as Bank of Canada eases back on rate hikes

Often considered a conservative investment, preferreds remain subject to equity market movements

Mutual fund families that used a stock-picking portfolio-management style soared last year

Wellington-Altus chairman Charlie Spiring is entering a new venture to do what he does best: Create wealth

Building Your Business

While digital technology lends itself well to financial planning, the financial services industry faces challenges in keeping up with the rapid pace of change

Advisors who embrace technology experience deeper client relationships, greater efficiency and growing businesses. Here's a look at the top tools for a sound, tech-based practice

Careful planning will save time, money - and aggravation

Viruses and other malicious software can pose a threat to your computer and mobile devices. Protecting your devices can be inexpensive and easy with these…

A majority of wealth-management companies worldwide rate technology as difficult to master, but banks are committed to developing innovations that help advisors meet clients' needs

Digital tools are lifesavers - except when they're not. Learn how to avoid injury when using your favourite devices

Focus on Products

Bond fund portfolio managers view the interest rate environment as one in which the next move is most likely upward

Private investment funds often are marketed as a cure-all to low interest rates and equities market volatility

Comment & Insight

Ottawa and the provinces must deal with Indigenous peoples and investors in an open-handed way