August 2012

Building Your Business

A new mystery novel places an intrepid financial advisor and an orphaned boy at the centre of a nefarious plot involving murder and deceit

Making best practices a matter of reflex rather than conscious decision brings success

It might be flattering to get an out-of-the-blue offer to purchase your practice. But before deciding whether to begin serious negotiations, here are several factors…

With the economy in the doldrums and clients complaining about lousy market performance for so long, it's understandable if you're down in the dumps

Front Page

Investor advocates say the new rules to not go far enough

Distributors will be able to offer improved, one-stop reporting

Entrepreneur is back with private equity and mutual funds

Investment research

There are glimmers of improvement in the U.S. housing market, but the situation is uneven across the country and there may be setbacks in some…

Despite historically low yields, the bonds of Europe's strongest economies have much allure if the euro becomes extinct

Comment & Insight

Whether it's catching a serial killer or controlling a riot, B.C. cops need a new way to work together

Last spring's surge in the polls for the Wildrose Party could lead to a big win within a few elections

Use the lessons of the past to avoid professional liability in the future


David McKay is celebrating a long career at RBC with an international award and big plans for the future

Costs of managing clients' assets rising faster than income from this business

IIROC suspends Peregrine Canada after its U.S. parent fails

There are signs that U.S. equities markets are set to rebound in a big way in the next few years

New privacy guidelines offer help and warnings about storing sensitive information over the Internet

Focus on Products

After age 60, clients may become less financially literate

But some portfolio managers of international equity funds are optimistic that China's economy will land softly

Insurance Advisors’ Report Card

Advisors say MGAs perform better than dedicated sales agencies in sharing information and being receptive to advisor feedback

Advisors with dedicated sales agencies are not as happy as their independent counterparts

Insurance reps say there is greater pressure to sell in-house products, resulting in greater dissatisfaction

Insurance advisors who work with well-heeled clients are looking for all-encompassing support services and competitive product pricing

The past year has been a time of resurgence, as insurance reps saw their asset bases and client bases grow vs the previous year

Some dissatisfaction has entered the fray however, advisors say there's still much to be positive about