August 2010

Comment & Insight

Transit and airport officials can’t get their acts together to resolve key conflicts

Needless controversies are undermining Stephen Harper’s decent record

Former B.C. premier takes centre stage in HST fight

Investment research

Extending the concept of put writing to the “bull put spread” helps eliminate the risk of being blindsided by an unpredictable event

Although further gains could be achieved by investing in some solid companies’ debt, risks persist

Although the previously “hot” idea was discredited and ignored, it has now started to work

Focus on Products

New seg funds in Empire Life’s GMWB lineup

Internationl equity fund managers also have to deal with the poor fiscal condition of many European countries

An investment portfolio in limbo is a recipe for disaster

Building Your Business

Before you can jump into the act of branding, you need to have a clear idea of what you are trying to promote

How to reduce spending without sacrificing employee morale

Four ways to structure financial advisor teams

Two advisors say David and Anne should be able to purchase a condo stateside, but they must be aware of U.S. tax laws

All things being equal, clients prefer to work with someone they like

If the fit isn’t right, ending the relationship with an employee is probably the best decision for both of you

Research shows team practices are larger and more profitable than solo offices. But they’re not for everyone

Delay buying new computer equipment for as long as possible; recycle the old components or, better, donate them


Disharmony reigns

Several major banks are experimenting with software that can monitor, modify or block content on these sites

Credit-rating agencies would be regulated for the first time under rules proposed by the CSA

Much greater buy-in from the financial services community is required for fees to gain greater prominence, new survey reveals

Founder and now former CEO Eric Sprott wants to focus on “the macro outlook and micro analysis of companies”

Increases are based on the fact that massive liability in segregated funds had come due with the firm’s balance sheet intact

Canada is working to increase the flow of information with tax havens through tax information exchange agreements

Nicola Wealth Management's fee-based model focusing on self-employed professionals, business owners and executives leads to $1 billion in AUM

Financial markets may hate uncertainty, but it appears they are going to have to learn to live with it. The current economic picture is extremely…

SROs — not securities commissions — seem to favour investor protection

Insurance Advisors’ Report Card

Major highlights: Departure of one firm, the addition of another, and big increases — and decreases — to some firms’ ratings (includes main chart)

Advisors take notice of their firms’ support as the demand for these services increases (includes chart)

Although some firms have delivered, others still have a way to go

Advisors’ satisfaction increases because firms’ efforts are more in tune with their needs

Advisors with RBC Life rated their firm much lower this year because its new payout regime will change bonus payouts

Firms have stepped up and helped advisors deal with important regulatory changes

Advisors benefit from value of capital preservation (includes chart)