Amsterdam-based Sustainalytics is launching a new product designed to identify companies that derive revenue from sustainable products and services, the research and analytics firm announced Wednesday.

Investors will be able to use the research product to inform portfolio construction, capital allocation strategies and portfolio reporting. The research analyzes the products and services of more than 10,000 companies to identify firms that derive at least 5% of their revenue from sustainable practices.

The research covers areas such as renewable energy, green transportation, water, energy efficiency, green buildings, affordable housing, health, sustainable agriculture, education, pollution prevention and reduction, resource efficiency, and financial inclusion.

“Consistent with the growing body of research intersecting sustainability and investment performance, our clients have expressed significant interest in investing in companies whose products and services contribute to a more sustainable global economy,” says Megan Wallingford, manager for sustainable products research at Sustainalytics, in a statement.

“Leveraging our sustainable products research, investors now have access to transparent insights on the revenues that companies are deriving from a wide range of products and services,” she says.