Storm Clouds over Saskatchewan field and tracks

The Saskatchewan government tabled its budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year on Tuesday. Here are some of the highlights:

> Sales of energy-efficient appliances, as well as used cars and light trucks above $5,000, will no longer be exempt from the provincial sales tax.

> The government is backtracking on an earlier promise to cut personal income tax rates by 0.5%, and will no longer adjust tax brackets to match inflation.

> The Saskatchewan Rental Housing Supplement for low-income earners will stop accepting new applications on July 1.

> Grants-in-lieu to municipalities cut last year are being restored, but direct support to municipalities is being cut 4.9%.

> More municipalities will now have the option of levying a 5% SaskEnergy surcharge on residents.

> Funding for First Nations and Metis organizations is being cut 1.5%.

> Funding for school divisions, social assistance and other areas will see increases below the rate of inflation.

> Agricultural facilities that spend at least $10 million to increase capacity get a new 15% tax credit.

> Almost $5 million will be spent fighting rural crime, including adding 30 police positions.

> The budget predicts a deficit of $365 million — down from $595 million last year — and aims to balance the budget next year.