The finalization of the Basel III reforms signals peak bank regulation has passed, but tighter supervision is likely, says Fitch Ratings in its survey of 2018 regulatory trends published on Monday.

Fitch says its outlook for global bank regulation is stable, as as the ratings expects no significant shifts in direction from new regulation.

Although Fitch is not anticipating any “significant shifts” in the regulatory direction in the year ahead. “We expect authorities within the main economies to focus on implementing in-flight regulations and promoting strong supervisory standards, and for international cooperation to increase,” Fitch says in a news release.

The final Basel III amendments coming into force starting in 2022, “may lead to increased capital requirements for banks that rely heavily on internal models with low-risk portfolios,” Fitch adds. “But many banks will not see increase in overall capital requirements and some banks that use the standardized supervisory approaches may see their capital ratios improve under the new regime.”