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The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) reports that its main fund grew to $366.6 billion of net assets at the end of June, up by $10.5 billion from the end of March.

The Toronto-based fund manager says the CPP Fund’s gain included $3.9 billion of net contributions from the CPP and $6.6 billion from its investments, after all CPPIB costs.

The results from the first quarter of CPPIB’s 2018-19 fiscal year give its fund a real rate of return of 10.4% over five years and 6.4% over 10 years.

Canada’s chief actuary has estimated that the CPPIB’s real rate of return needs to average 3.9% over the 75-years of the projection period in order to be sustainable.

CPPIB is an independent fund manager that manages funds for the CPP, which receives contributions from employers and employees in most of the country except Quebec, which has a similar system of its own.