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Investment Executive regularly lists notable developments in Canada’s investment product landscape. Here are some newly released funds:

  • Dynamic Funds released the Dynamic Active Enhanced Yield Covered Options ETF (TSX: DXQ), which began trading on Sept 20. It writes cash-covered put and covered call options, invests primarily in dividend-paying North American stocks and targets clients with a medium to long time horizon who can tolerate some variability of returns. The management fee is 0.65% and the risk rating is low to medium.
  • Hamilton Capital Partners Inc. released an ETF for investors seeking dividends from utilities, pipeline and telco stocks. The Hamilton Enhanced Utilities ETF (TSX: HUTS) began trading on Sept. 6. With a target yield of 5%, HUTS borrow cash and invests with 25% leverage in the Horizons Canadian Utility Services High Dividend Index ETF (TSX: UTIL), which began trading on Aug. 10 and is based on the Solactive Canadian Utility Services High Dividend Index. The management fee of HUTS is 0.65% and the risk rating is medium.
  • Franklin Templeton Canada released a fund for investors seeking both debt and equity with a sustainable approach. The Franklin Brandywine Global Sustainable Balanced Fund launched on Sept. 20. The management fee is 1.7% for series A and 0.7% for series F. The risk rating is low. “This new fund balances an alpha-seeking equity portfolio with a defense-oriented fixed income ballast,” Franklin Templeton Canada president and CEO Duane Green said in a release.
  • CI Global Asset Management released a new fund for investors looking for long-term positive returns and “one-stop access” to existing liquid alts while minimizing downside risk. The CI Alternative Multi-Strategy Fund launched on Sept. 13. The fund invests in existing CI GAM alts and other funds with non-traditional themes and strategies, such as covered calls, real estate, infrastructure and commodities. The management fee is 1.9% for series A and 0.9% for series F. The risk rating is low to medium.
  • The previously announced Harvest ESG Equity Income Index ETF (TSX: HESG) began trading on Sept. 22 and the Evolve Slate Global Real Estate Enhanced Yield Fund (TSX: BILT) began trading on Sept. 22.

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