A recent survey conducted by Advisor Impact Inc. finds that advisors would offer some form of portfolio analysis services to a greater number of their clients, if barriers, such as time and technology, could be overcome.

Julie Littlechild, president of Advisor Impact Inc. who conducted the survey says, “We talked to more than 1,000 advisors across Canada in the 2007 Practice Update study. These advisors indicated that currently they conduct some form of portfolio analysis for approximately three out of 10 of their clients. The survey also indicated that advisors would find such a service valuable for almost twice the number of their clients, if barriers, such as time and technology, could be overcome.”

Univeris, a Toronto-based enterprise wealth management technology company, recently sponsored Advisor Impact’s 2007 Practice Update research study with Canadian financial advisors. In addition to exploring the link between advisor efficiencies and assets under administration, the 2007 Practice Update study explored the portfolio analysis process.

“Comprehensive portfolio analysis is a service traditionally provided only to top clients because it can be very time-consuming for advisors or their assistants,” says Craig Allison, product manager, practice management at Univeris.

“To make preparation for the client review faster and easier, Univeris is introducing PortfolioInsights, a powerful suite of portfolio analysis tools that is fully integrated into the EWMS wealth platform.”

The software provides detailed and accurate real-time information regarding a client’s portfolio, Univeris says.

By linking portfolio analysis to the book-of-record, advisors can analyze how their client’s asset allocation has changed over time. This information can then either be shared with clients, or used to validate investment recommendations.