usinessman analyzing investment charts with laptop

Toronto-based Fidelity Investments Canada ULC, on Thursday announced the pending addition of a portfolio manager to its lineup of global asset global asset allocation and balanced products.

On Oct. 1, Fidelity institutional portfolio manager David Tulk will join Geoff Stein and David Wolf as a portfolio manager on the following products:

  • Fidelity Balanced Managed Risk Portfolio;
  • Fidelity Conservative Managed Risk Portfolio;
  • Fidelity Conservative Income Fund; and
  • Fidelity Conservative Income Private Pool.

Since 2016, Tulk has been a member of Fidelity’s global asset allocation team, working closely alongside Wolf and Stein as an institutional portfolio manager on Fidelity’s full asset allocation lineup.

“As institutional portfolio manager, David has spent considerable time helping our clients understand Canadian and global macroeconomic trends and capital markets research and analysis,” says Kelly Creelman, vice president, retail products and solutions.

“His former roles with the Bank of Canada and other major institutional investment organizations have helped him provide Fidelity with deep insights and strategic recommendations on interest rate moves, monetary policy, investments and asset allocation perspectives. We are confident he will be a great addition to the portfolio management team,” Creelman says.