Manulife Mutual Funds today announced an addition of Series B to the Manulife Monthly High Income Fund and fund additions to the existing Series T and Elite Series of mutual funds.

The changes are subject to regulatory approval.

“The addition of new mandates to Series T and Elite Series provides our investors with additional investment options and new sources of diversification. Together, these enhancements provide advisors with the additional tools they need to better serve their clients,” says Doug Conick, vp of investment funds for Manulife Investments.

The funds listed below are now available through Manulife’s Series T of mutual funds, which provides a cash flow currently targeted at 8% annually: Manulife Canadian Core Fund; Manulife Canadian Equity Fund; and Manulife Canadian Value Fund.

Manulife also has made the following mandates available through its existing Elite Series of mutual funds, offering a price break for clients who have a $100,000 to invest in a single fund: Manulife Canadian Value Class; Manulife Canadian Core Class; and Manulife Global Opportunities Class.