Mackenzie Investments today announced the launch of series T and P shares, which provide investors with regular, tax-efficient cash flow, on the equity and fixed income pools of Symmetry Portfolio Service.

Symmetry is a sophisticated managed portfolio solution for investors with $25,000 or more to invest.

Series T shares provide regular monthly payments in the form of return of capital, which is tax-deferred. Series P offers the same monthly distribution through a dealer-sponsored wrap program.

“Adding series T and P greatly enhances the flexibility of the Symmetry program, giving investors and their advisors the ability to create high-quality, tax- efficient portfolios that pay out monthly income,” says David Feather, president of Mackenzie Financial Services Inc.

Symmetry Equity Class and Symmetry Managed Return Class are part of Mackenzie’s Capital Class structure, which enables investors to switch between different funds in the structure without triggering immediate capital gains. As a result, Symmetry investors have the flexibility to rebalance their portfolio to an optimal asset mix without incurring the tax consequences often associated with rebalancing.

Series T shares give investors the flexibility to tailor their income to their personal circumstances. Investors can choose between a 6% annualized distribution (Series T6) and an 8% annualized distribution (Series T8 and P), and can create any level of income up to 8% by combining an investment in series T shares with an investment in another series.

Although earning income and deferring tax can be a good strategy for investors of any age, it is especially important for baby boomers approaching retirement. “Deferring taxes not only leaves more funds available to compound and keep growing, it provides investors with control over when to trigger their tax liability. The new Symmetry Series gives baby boomers the chance to defer tax until they retire, when they will likely be in a lower tax bracket,” says Feather.