Toronto-based Mackenzie Financial Corp. has announced the launch of three new ETFs, which began trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

The new products, including an active equity ETF, provide various opportunities to manage interest rate risk, leverage non-traditional asset classes and invest in enhanced global equity diversification.

“We are very excited to expand our ETF shelf with these new products, delivering solutions to investors that offer the benefits of our portfolio management expertise plus the structural benefits unique to ETFs including liquidity and flexibility,” says Michael Cooke, senior vice president and head of ETFs at Mackenzie, in a statement.

Mackenzie Ivy Global Equity ETF (TSX:MIVG) seeks to provide long-term capital growth with international exposure.

Mackenzie Canadian Short Term Fixed Income ETF (TSX: MCSB), managed by the Mackenzie fixed income team, invests in high quality fixed-income securities with relatively shorter terms to maturity.

Mackenzie Portfolio Completion ETF (TSX: MPCF) provides diversification, long-term capital appreciation, and the potential for income by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of alternative asset class ETFs and currencies.