Hamilton Capital Partners Inc. on Friday announced the launch of Hamilton Capital U.S. Mid-Cap Financials ETF (USD).

The ETF seeks long-term returns in U.S. dollars, consisting of capital growth and dividends from an actively managed equity portfolio of, primarily, United States-based mid-cap (i.e., those firms with a market capitalization between US$500 million and US$20 billion) financial services companies, according to Hamilton Capital’s announcement.

With an aggregate market capitalization in excess of US$2 trillion, the U.S. mid-cap financial services sector is as large as the Canadian equity markets, and includes over 500 companies.

“The Hamilton Capital U.S. Mid-Cap Financials ETF (USD) offers investors targeted exposure to a dynamic part of the global financial sector. Specifically, we believe HFMU.U’s combination of U.S. mid-cap financials stand to benefit from rising rates, improving GDP, ongoing sector consolidation, and exposure to faster growing states and regions,” says Rob Wessel, managing partner of Hamilton Capital, in a statement.

The ETF is anticipated to be comprised primarily of mid-cap financial services companies based in the United States. The fund’s investments may however be selected from any country, capitalization level or subsector of the global financial services sector.

Specifically, the portfolio may include, but is not limited to, commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, brokerages, asset managers, exchanges, real estate investment trusts and other investment companies.

Units of the ETF began trading on Tuesday, Sept. 5, on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) in U.S. dollars under the ticker symbol “HFMU.U”.