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FTSE Russell has launched a new set of indexes designed to help investors to more precisely match their investment objectives with their holdings.

The firm’s Target Exposure Indexes allow investors to calibrate exposure to common risk factors, specific industries and particular countries. Sustainable investing objectives can be included, too.

“The precise control of exposures, including the removal of unwanted factor exposures, permits greater control over index tracking error,” FTSE Russell said in a statement.

“As assets tracking single and multi- factor indexes continue to grow rapidly, so too has the appetite for benchmarks designed to precisely meet specific investment objectives through efficient factor allocation over time,” said Andrew Dougan, director of research & analytics at FTSE Russell.

“FTSE Russell’s new Target Exposure indexes, now available on some of our most widely followed flagship products like the FTSE All-World, is the natural evolution of our factor framework and tilt methodology,” he added.