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Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. and Mackenzie Financial Corp., both based in Toronto, on Monday announced plans to enhance their product offerings by launching new ETFs and creating ETF portfolios, respectively.

Specifically, Franklin Templeton announced the listings of two smart beta ETFs, Franklin LibertyQT Global Dividend Index ETF and Franklin LibertyQT Emerging Markets ETF. The firm also launched one actively managed ETF, Franklin Liberty Core Balanced ETF.

The ETFs began trading Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

“Adding these new ETFs to our global ETF platform reflects our ongoing commitment to developing best-in-class offerings that can serve as essential building blocks for a diversified portfolio,” says Duane Green, president and CEO of Franklin Templeton Investments Canada, in a statement.

“We are also adding an active ETF to our lineup that invests in North American equities and fixed income, offering Canadian investors access to sectors that are not as well represented in Canada, like health care, industrials and information technology,” he adds.

Likewise, Mackenzie Investments introduced five Mackenzie ETF Portfolios, which offer investors access to a full spectrum of Mackenzie’s active, strategic beta and traditional ETFs.

These portfolios are professionally managed and monitored by the Mackenzie asset allocation team and will use strategic and tactical asset allocation along with active currency management.

“The Mackenzie ETF Portfolios offer the best of both worlds, combining the versatility of ETFs with the accessibility of mutual funds, says Michael Schnitman, senior vice president of product at Mackenzie, in a statement. “With five risk profiles to choose from, these diversified portfolios are well suited as a core investment for every type of investor.”