Montreal-based Fiera Capital Corporation will make changes to a number of its mutual funds, the firm announced Friday.

The risk level of hedged series AH and FH of Fiera Capital Defensive Global Equity Fund has been reduced from “medium” to “low to medium.” As such, amendments will be made to the simplified prospectus, annual information form and Fund Facts on or about Nov. 2.

Fiera says the change is due to the industry-wide updated risk classification methodology introduced by the Canadian Securities Administrators and not a result of changes to any investment objectives, strategies or management.

Fiera is also proposing the merger of Fiera Capital Equity Growth Fund into a new mutual fund to be managed by Canoe Financial LP, with the same objectives and strategies. The new fund will be called Canoe Canadian Small Mid Cap Portfolio Class and sub-advised by Fiera Capital.

The merger is being proposed in connection to the agreement between Fiera and Canoe reported last month. Unitholders of Fiera Capital Equity Growth Fund will be asked to approve the merger along with certain other changes.

Fiera Capital has also ended the sale of Series A units of Fiera Capital Core Canadian Equity Fund.