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Toronto-based Fidelity Investments Canada ULC on Thursday announced the launch of Fidelity Global Growth and Value Class.

Managed by Fidelity Investments’ portfolio managers Will Danoff and Joel Tillinghast, the new fund brings their complementary growth and value investment styles together in one product for Canadian investors.

“As markets are constantly changing, we are seeing different investment styles, sectors and regions come in and out of favour. Amid all this change, Canadian investors are looking for a diversified long-term investment solution,” says Rob Strickland, president, Fidelity Investments Canada ULC, in a statement. “We are pleased to launch this new fund that brings together the brilliance of Will and Joel and their investment approaches.”

The diversified equity fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in companies anywhere in the world. It is designed to provide diversification and the potential for strong risk-adjusted returns.

Danoff manages Fidelity Insights Class and co-manages Fidelity Global Growth and Value Class for Canadian investors.

Tillinghast co-manages Fidelity NorthStar Fund, Fidelity Global Intrinsic Value Class and Fidelity Global Growth and Value Class, as well as an equity subportfolio for Fidelity NorthStar Balanced Fund for Canadian investors.

In addition to managing a quantitative framework to support Tillinghast’s mandate, portfolio manager Salim Hart will support the overall management of the new fund.

A currency neutral version of the fund is also available.