Bitcoin Electronic Crypto Currency Exchange Concept Illustration

Evolve Funds Group Inc. has filed a final prospectus to launch Evolve Blockchain ETF, the Toronto-based company announced on Wednesday.

Units of the ETF have been conditionally approved for listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) to begin trading on March 6, under the ticker symbol LINK, Evolve says in a news release.

The fund seeks to maximize total return by actively investing primarily in equity securities of domestic and foreign publicly listed issuers, and other companies, whose principal business is the research, development, use or supply of blockchain (a.k.a. distributed ledger) technologies and applications, including technology hardware.

Generally, these equity securities are issued by small and large-cap companies across a wide variety of industries, such as technology, financial services, communications or consumer products, among others.

“This Blockchain ETF is another illustration of Evolve’s commitment to bringing innovative products surrounding long-term investment trends to Canadians,” says Raj Lala, president and CEO of Evolve ETFs.

“Blockchain has the potential to transform business models with endless commercial applications. The benefits can apply to many sectors, from financial services and mining to the global food industry. Active management in LINK allows us to be nimble and to potentially capitalize on these emerging opportunities.”

The fund will close the initial offering of units to its designated broker by the close of business on March 5, prior to its initial listing of units on the TSX on March 6.