Dynamic Funds has launched Series G securities for investors resident in a province or territory of Canada that has not adopted a harmonized sales tax, Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd. said Friday.

Series G securities are available on 45 of Dynamic’s funds, spanning a wide range of asset classes, including Canadian equity, foreign equity, equity income, balanced and fixed income as well as sector specialty funds and portfolio solutions. A full list of the applicable funds is available at www.dynamic.ca.

Series G securities are currently available for new purchases and switches. There are no tax consequences to investors for switch transactions within the same fund. Goodman & Company intends to process an automatic re-designation of eligible assets of the applicable funds from Series A to Series G securities on February 11, without charge or tax consequence to investors.

To date, the following provinces and territories have not adopted the HST: Alberta, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Québec, Saskatchewan and Yukon.

Dynamic Funds is a division of Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of DundeeWealth Inc. (TSX: DW).