Dynamic Funds today announced the launch of Series T as an additional series of shares on certain of its corporate class funds.

Series T shares provide an investment option for investors seeking the benefit of tax-efficient monthly income and tax deferred switching between corporate funds.

Dynamic says investors may specify the percentage of distributions from a corporate fund to be paid to them in cash, effectively customizing their level of cash flow from a corporate fund. Distributions not taken as cash can be reinvested in the corporate fund.

Series T units are now available on the following 16 Corporate Funds:

> Dynamic Advantage Bond Class;

> Dynamic Value Balanced Class;

> Dynamic Dividend Income Class;

> Dynamic Power Balanced Class;

> Dynamic Power Global Balanced Class;

> Dynamic Power Canadian Growth Class;

> Dynamic Canadian Dividend Class;

> Dynamic Canadian Value Class;

> Dynamic Global Discovery Class;

> Dynamic Global Dividend Value Class;

> Dynamic Global Value Class;

> Dynamic Power Global Growth Class;

> Dynamic Power Global Navigator Class;

> Dynamic Power American Growth Class;

> Dynamic EAFE Value Class; and

> Dynamic Global Energy Class.

In addition, Series T securities are available on the DynamicEdge Trust Portfolios and DynamicEdge Corporate Class Portfolios and have been available since January 2006 on a broad range of other Dynamic Funds.

Dynamic Funds is managed by Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Ltd., which offers Series T securities on a total of 25 trust funds and 20 corporate funds. Series T securities are available to all investors.