Weak but mostly positive performance for Canadian funds in August: Morningstar

Montreal-based Desjardins Investments Inc. (DI) has announced Wednesday it will lower management fees for more than 30 Desjardins Funds and make changes to Desjardins Canadian Equity Growth Fund.

More specifically, the firm will reduce management fees by up to 25 basis points for a majority of unit classes of 32 Desjardins Funds, effective Jan. 18.

The firm will also be merging Desjardins Canadian Equity Growth Fund with Desjardins Canadian Equity Fund as of March 23. The merger has been approved by the independent review committee of the Desjardins funds.

“The adjustments announced today are consistent with our focus on continually improving our product line, by ensuring that our products meet the needs of investors, reflect the realities of today’s marketplace and benefit our members and clients,” says Sébastien Vallée, general manager of Investment Solutions Development and Management at DI, in a statement.

An entire list of the affected funds is available in the firm’s news release.