Bridgehouse introduces Morningstar Managed Investments Program

Toronto-based BMO Investments Inc. announced on Monday that it has made several changes to its product lineup, including cutting various fees to multiple funds.

Specifically, the management fees on 26 mutual funds were reduced by up to 25 basis points effective Feb. 1. In addition, BMO Investments has reduced the administration fees applicable to BMO Canadian Equity Class and BMO Dividend Class.

The firm has also reduced the service fees or trailing commissions applicable to certain series of BMO Mortgage and Short-Term Income Fund, BMO World Bond Fund, BMO Short-Term Income Class, BMO LifeStage Plus 2022 fund, BMO LifeStage Plus 2025 fund, BMO LifeStage Plus 2026 fund, BMO LifeStage Plus 2030 fund and BMO SelectClass Income Portfolio. These changes were also in effect on Feb. 1.

BMO Investments is also adding an F2 series to BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio and BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class and a hedged version of the firm’s F series to BMO Tactical Global Bond ETF Fund. These changes are expected to be in effect later this month.

A full description of the changes and the affected funds can be found on the firm’s announcement.

Photo copyright: vinnstock/123RF