Echelon, BLG team up to create “capital pool company”

Toronto-based BMO Asset Management Inc. and Oakville, Ont.-based Harvest Portfolios Group Inc. announced changes to their ETF lineups on Thursday, which include the launch of new ETFs and additional units of existing ETFs.

BMO has added three new ETFs to its lineup: BMO Canadian High Dividend Covered-Call ETF, BMO U.S. Put Write Hedged to Canada ETF and BMO U.S. Preferred Share Index ETF.

More details about these new ETFs, which are currently trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), can be found on the firm’s announcement.

BMO is also making accumulating units available on four existing ETFs: BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF, BMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF, BMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF and BMO Ultra Short-Term Bond ETF.

Those four ETFs are designed for investors seeking a fixed-income in a long-term rising-rate environment, and the accumulating units are meant to help these investors by providing annual reinvested and consolidated distribution, according to the announcement.

Meanwhile, Harvest Portfolios has added U.S. dollar (US$) class units to its Healthcare Leaders Income ETF. The new Class U units are denominated in US$ and will not be hedged. The new units are currently trading on the TSX.

Further details about Healthcare Leaders Income ETF are available on the firm’s announcement.

Photo copyright: cooldesign/123RF