Canada’s financial services sector “moving fast” on AI

Royal Bank of Canda (RBC) is ramping up its commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) research with the announcement that it has lured a U.S. academic to its Borealis AI research institute in Edmonton.

Washington State University professor Matthew Taylor has joined the Borealis AI team as a senior researcher. He will lead its research efforts and build up its team that is working on research and development in machine learning.

At WSU, Taylor was an assistant professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and held the Allred Distinguished Professorship in Artificial Intelligence. His research focused on enabling autonomous agents, interactive machine learning, and reinforcement learning.

“Having freedom to pursue curiosity-driven research using rich, massive data sets in the industry is pretty rare. I am excited to see how our research can positively impact people’s lives, and how we can make things better by bringing AI techniques out of science and into the real world,” Taylor says in a statement.

Photo copyright: sakkmesterke/123RF