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The Toronto Stock Exchange is going start reporting index bid/ask data earlier in the morning to give traders a head start in increasingly volatile markets,

The exchange announced that, starting June 29, it will begin transmitting bid/ask data for the S&P/TSX 60 index and the S&P/TSX composite index at 7 a.m. instead of its current 8:30 a.m. start time.

The change to the exchange’s real-time index feed comes in response to demand among traders for an earlier preview of the direction in which  the market is headed before its 9:30 a.m. open.

“With the increased volatility of the marketplace, clients are looking for an earlier indication of where the market will open,” the exchange said in a notice.

“The indication of where the market will open will also help clients with placing orders into the order book before the market opens,” it said.