Quebec City-based SSQ Financial Group has rebranded to become SSQ Insurance in a move to affirm its commitment to the insurance industry, the firm announced Monday.

“The new brand identity, along with the ‘Communities make us’ tagline, reiterates the fact that the company has been motivated by an unparalleled sense of solidarity since its creation in 1994,” says Jean-Francois Chalifoux, CEO of SSQ Insurance, in a statement.

“Values of social commitment, integrity and accessibility are what drives us and guarantee our long-term stability,” he adds. “They influence our daily decisions and our actions and are what make us a people company. Apart from our brand identity and position, SSQ Insurance remains the same dedicated company that provides its customer with a comprehensive line of high quality insurance and investment products.”

The new brand took effect on Jan. 1, while the new visual identity will be deployed gradually over the coming months.