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During the decade that Investment Executive (IE) has produced the Regulators’ Report Card, compliance officers and company executives have never shied away from giving their honest opinions about the industry’s watchdogs.

How regulators were rated in the past decade

Those opinions come through in each regulator’s IE rating, which is the average of all the categories for which a regulator received a score on the Report Card’s main table. But while survey participants have at times been critical of the regulators, the mostly positive trajectory of the Report Card’s average IE rating over the past 10 years is a sign that things are improving.

The makeup of the Report Card’s main table itself has also changed over the years. More specifically, although the industry’s self-regulatory organizations (SROs) have been mainstays in the Report Card, the individual provincial regulators only began to appear in 2013. Prior to that, they were grouped together under the banner of “provincial regulators.”

View the slideshow to see how each regulator has have fared in comparison to the Report Card average since inception.