Toronto-based Monarch Wealth Corp. has struck a deal with Morningstar Associates Inc. to expand the pool of expertise its advisors can draw upon.

Through this collaboration, Monarch advisors licensed by the Mutual Fund Dealers’ Association of Canada (MFDA) will have access to Morningstar’s latest market research, model portfolio offerings and portfolio analysis.

As a result, mutual fund advisors at Monarch can look beyond in-house products and fund-of-funds for clients without having to pursue a referral arrangement with the fund’s portfolio manager.

“The efficiency of our technology platform, coupled with the quality of Morningstar’s global portfolio management expertise, synergistically combine to provide an elegant and comprehensive investment offering that really adds to our advisors’ bench strength,” says J. Glenn Butt, Monarch’s chairman, in a statement, “in servicing clients across all segments — from mainstream to high net-worth investors.”

Morningstar’s model portfolios, which will be subject to regular monitoring and rebalancing, are also all fee-based and offer tiered pricing.

Morningstar Associates, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toronto-based Morningstar Research, Inc.

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