New firm focusing on digital asset sector raises $20 million

Toronto-based GMP Securities LP announced on Wednesday that it’s establishing a team of investment bankers and analysts devoted to helping corporate clients and investors “capitalize on the transformative and disruptive potential of the blockchain and the emerging-digital currency space.”

Last week, GMP Securities led a $30-million bought deal financing for Vancouver-based cryptocurrency mining firm HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. that’s slated to close on Oct. 11.

The firm will also be hosting a conference in Toronto on Dec. 7 devoted to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

“GMP is ready for blockchain. You might even say we’ve been waiting for it,” says Harris Fricker, president and CEO of the firm’s corporate parent, GMP Capital Inc., in a statement. “There is no innovator’s dilemma at GMP. So, to blockchain, with its revolutionary distributed ledger technology, we have but one thing to say: welcome.”

Photo copyright: asturianu/123RF