cybersecurity of network of connected devices and personal data security, concept on virtual interface with consultant in background

The Reston, Va.-based Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) has created a new community for central bankers, regulators and other supervisors to share their own intelligence on cyberthreats.

The initiative, known as CERES, launched on July 1.

In addition to sharing threat intelligence, it will also provide rapid distribution of best practices to respond to new threats and attacks.

“With knowledge of information about cyberthreats, such as the type of systems affected, vulnerabilities exploited and type of damage incurred, regulators and supervisory authorities can rapidly assess the risk to the financial services sector and take appropriate action” the group says in a statement.

“The impact of cyber-attacks, including the 2017 WannaCry, data breaches and account takeover attacks leveraging global payments systems against central banks and regulators demonstrate that security is a global concern,” it adds. “The CERES Forum will help these entities become more effective in defending against attacks that could potentially impact the global financial services sector as well as the world’s economies.”

The new forum is segregated from other information sharing communities within the FS-ISAC, which are geared to industry firms.