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High net-worth (HNW) investors in Canada have some of the world’s most aggressive portfolios, says a new report from U.K.-based research firm GlobalData PLC.

The 2017 Global Wealth Managers Survey finds that the typical HNW investor portfolio is 38.6% devoted to equities, and 24.9% in fixed income.

On a country level, the markets where HNW investors have most equity exposure include Canada (64.7%), the United States (56.9%) and the Netherlands (56.9%).

The prime motivation for equity exposure among most of the top 10 markets for equities is capital appreciation, according to the survey.

The two exceptions are Germany and the United Kingdom, where dividend income is more important when investing.

The firm’s survey shows that 70.5% of investors globally are “open to new investment ideas,” with China and India showing particularly strong openness.

For Canada, openness to new ideas is slightly ahead of global level at 70.8%.

This open-mindedness should give advisors “a better chance to diversify their clients’ portfolios”, given their relatively high equity exposure, GlobalData says in a news release.