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Toronto-based Bank of Montreal has opened its first two Smart Branches in Alberta, the bank announced on Thursday.

The new branches, located in Edmonton and Calgary, are part of the bank’s rollout of a new format in Canada designed to bring together advice-based services and a digital experience.

BMO opened its first Smart Branch in Winnipeg in May and has since rolled out branches in Vancouver and Toronto. There are now seven Smart Branches in Canada.

The first Smart Branch was piloted in Chicago in 2015.

“Our customers’ expectations are changing, and the need for efficient and digitally driven day-to-day banking experiences continue to increase,” says Susan Brown, senior vice president of Alberta and Northwest Territories Division, BMO, in a statement.

“Our customers now have the option to handle simpler transactions on their own, while also benefitting from the assistance of branch staff for more complex financial needs such as mortgages and investment products. Smart Branches conveniently provide both of these options in a single location.”

The new Smart Branch format includes self-check-in hubs alerting branch staff when a customer has arrived for an appointment, and bankers equipped with laptops and tablets to assist customers with new bank technology and help with financial needs.