33seven introduces digital vault for HNW clients

Collingwood, Ont.-based BlueRock Wealth Management Inc. announced that it has partnered with Toronto-based FutureVault Inc. to launch BlueRock Vault, a new personal information management platform available to executive and high-net-worth clients.

The BlueRock Vault is designed so that clients can securely deposit and store valuable financial, legal and personal documents, the firm says in a statement.

FutureVault has also added a Trusted Advisors feature, which is currently patent-pending, that will improve the sharing and fiduciary tracking of important documents among BlueRock clients and advisors as well as a client’s outside network of insurance brokers, accountants, lawyers, etc.

“While the transition to digital documents has made sharing documents initially easier, managing disparate accounts in a secure fashion has become laborious. How many times have you gone hunting for an email attachment or important document?” says Neal Owen, president of BlueRock, in a statement.

“What BlueRock is now offering, using FutureVault’s platform, is a one-stop destination that acts as an intelligent filing cabinet for all of our clients’ important financial, legal, and personal documents,” he adds.

BlueRock’s website will host the BlueRock Vault, allowing select members to access key documents as needed. Other BlueRock Vault features include “bank-grade security and privacy, optical character recognition with smart-filing technology, pre-configured digital filing cabinet with a flexible infrastructure for folders, documents and document forms,” the firm’s news release says.

“Executives and high net-worth families have unique needs when it comes to document storage and management,” says G Scott Paterson, executive chairman of FutureVault, in a statement. “With our highly structured taxonomy, ease of use and our Trusted Advisor functionality, BlueRock clients now have access to a platform that will forever change the way they do business.”

Photo copyright: maxxyustas/123RF