advisor working from home

Advisors from Assante Wealth Management are volunteering their time and skills to help those affected by the current economic turmoil, the firm said on Thursday.

“Within hours of putting out the call to our advisors, we had more than 80 volunteers signed up wanting to help,” said Sean Etherington, president of Assante, in a release.

“[A]ccess to financial advice is essential in navigating the many hurdles facing Canadians, whether it’s job losses, health setbacks or understanding government programs.”

The Assante advisors will be supported by resources from across parent company CI Financial Corp., including specialists in retirement, tax, accounting and estate planning.

The advisors will answer questions through one-on-one sessions, and participants aren’t expected to enter into full-time financial planning agreements, the release said.

The program will operate Canada-wide, and participants can sign up online.