The Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA) is looking for new volunteers to sit on its regional councils and help adjudicate disciplinary cases.

The MFDA issued a bulletin calling on mutual fund dealers to nominate people to serve on its four regional councils, representing the Atlantic, Pacific, Central and Prairie regions.

Council members can be selected to serve on three-person hearing panels that preside over MFDA disciplinary proceedings and, the chairman or chairwoman of each regional council is also eligible to participate on the self-regulatory organization’s policy advisory committee, which provides advice to the SRO on the impact of its rules.

Nominations are due March 31 and the new council members will begin two-year terms on June 8. Eligible nominees must be a partner, officer, director, employee or agent of a mutual dealer within the region.

“Nominees should have a strong background in compliance and have held senior positions within the industry and their firms for a number of years,” the MFDA’s bulletin notes.

Each mutual fund dealer can nominate two candidates in each region in which it has an office. If there are more nominees than open positions on the councils, the MFDA will hold an election to select council members.