Global Financial Group Inc. (GFG) today announced that the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has advised the cmpany to file its final application for recognition of egX as a securities exchange by November 20.

GFG anticipates that a summary of the application will be published for public comment shortly thereafter.

“Following years of hard work and development, we are now able to proceed with our final application for recognition of egX under National Instrument 21-101,” said Leo Chamberland, president and CEO of GFG, in a news release. “This represents a significant milestone in the development and implementation of the egX marketplace.”

egX is an exchange specializing in the listing and trading of real estate securities. Its goal is to commoditize real estate and provide investors, who currently have limited access to revenue-producing commercial and industrial property investments, with a regulated, transparent and liquid marketplace for real estate securities. Following the launch of egX in Canada, GFG intends to develop its model internationally, creating a global exchange for real estate securities.