A U.S. industry task force that’s tackling the challenge of beefing up the payments system is launching a survey seeking feedback on its preliminary work.

The task force, which was convened by the U.S. Federal Reserve Board, on Tuesday launched an online survey that aims to gather feedback on its efforts at enhancing the safety, security and resiliency of the national payment system. The research is intended to help ensure that the solutions being pursued will meet industry needs.

“Tackling today’s security challenges will require the commitment of all payment system participants,” says Gordon Werkema, payments strategy director for the Federal Reserve, in a news release. “The Secure Payments Task Force is particularly interested in understanding any barriers that may exist to implementing the planned solutions.”

Additionally, the Fed indicated that three working groups are focusing on priority areas are documenting the current environment, setting out the attributes of a more effective environment, and the barriers to implementing solutions.

“Payment security issues such as data breaches and identity theft affect everyone,” said Todd Aadland, the Federal Reserve’s payments security strategy leader. “We encourage people who are knowledgeable about or interested in payment security to take the survey and share their thoughts.”

The survey is open until Nov. 8.