The Ontario Securities Commission is seeking comment of proposed amendments to the rules of the Canadian Depository for Securities that would confirm intellectual property rights, and permitted uses of, compilations of information that CDS provides to participants.

CDS provides the information to facilitate market participants’ use of CDS’ services. The proposed amendments would impose an obligation on participants to keep CDS information confidential, an obligation that is similar to the existing obligation on CDS to keep participant information confidential.

Under the proposed amendments, participants agree that they will not: use CDS Works, Security Information or any information obtained from any of them, for the benefit of any third party or affiliate; reproduce, copy or modify the information; reverse engineer, decompile or create derivative works based on the information; directly or indirectly sell, license, or disseminate it except to provide information to the participant’s client if it’s directly related to the use of the services.

Comments on the proposed amendments are due by June 26.