Montreal-based Addenda Capital Inc. has announced that its new Addenda Impact Fixed Income Pooled Fund is now available for investors.

The fund is one of the first domestically-focused fixed-income impact investment funds in Canada, the firm says in a news release.

Addenda has created the fund to generate positive societal impacts while delivering market-like returns. The mutual fund seeks to meet the needs of Canadian institutional investors and high net-worth clients who want to improve society through their investments.

The fund includes primarily Canadian securities such as investment-grade public debt, loans and commercial mortgages. The fund’s investments are currently focused on climate change, health and wellness, education and community development.

“We are making impact investing accessible to investors as they can simply substitute some or all of their traditional fixed-income allocation with Addenda Impact Fixed Income Fund,” says Roger Beauchemin, president and CEO of Addenda Capital, in a statement. “As Canada is getting ready to host the G7 Summit later this year, our fund is the perfect opportunity for investors to take a concrete action toward some of Canada’s G7 presidency priorities, namely suitable and inclusive growth, gender equality and climate change.”