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Guest column: CRM2 and the end of 60/40?

Fee disclosure and the new "pay for performance" mentality will likely lead to abandonment of the typical 60/40 asset mix

Guest Column: Investor choice, not bans, best approach

One of the benefits of CRM2 is that it puts a visible, understandable price tag on the value of advice

Guest column: Why more CPP is not the best choice

Canadian seniors are already doing well. Boosting the CPP, as some are suggesting, is not the right way to improve savings

Guest column: Encouraging investor participation

Regulators should be cautious, placing more emphasis on efficiency in the regulation of capital markets to calm nervous investors

Guest column: Regulators should move cautiously

It's crucial that future regulation not be based on Canada's lack of confidence due to a misguided inferiority complex

Guest column: Comparing fees in the U.S. and Canada

New research suggests Canadians pay fees at the same rate as Americans, and that the U.S. model could cost clients more over time

Guest column: Time is right for a common regulator

Consistency and efficiency are the new priorities in securities regulation

Guest column: The industry and the new OSC fees

Are dealers getting what they need from the regulators?

Facing the new competition for clients: Guest Column

Rocky markets, technology and changing demographics mean advisors need to boost client engagement

  • By: Ian Russell
  • September 19, 2012 January 16, 2018
  • 23:00

Guest column: Whose responsibility is suitability?

Advisors and their firms should avoid the growing trend of blaming clients if it is their own processes that are at fault

Guest column: The value of the new CRM rules

The CRM will help ensure a consistent standard of conduct in the investing process and enhance respect for advisors and firms

Guest column: Striking the right balance

The new Fund Facts document is a major step forward; it should be tested and reviewed before further changes are made

Guest column: Overcoming securities regulation lock-in

Canadian financial regulators are hampered by the gridlock that comes with fragmentation. Independent oversight could promote new ways of thinking

Guest column: Fund Facts still seriously flawed

Existing protections should not be removed until the new document has been improved to ensure investors have the information they need

Proxy fights are heating up. Be prepared: Guest column

Shareholders are taking increasing interest in the management of companies, and many are prepared to back their demands for change through proxy battles

The time to regulate MGAs is now: Guest column

Both consumers and the stability of insurance companies would benefit from decisive action to regulate a sector that has escaped oversight for too long

Debt markets in need of reform: Guest column

An expert working group is looking at ways to promote stability by making structural changes

  • By: Ian Russell
  • September 28, 2009 January 16, 2018
  • 11:26