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Help clients avoid TFSA overcontributions

Your clients may want to check their junk mail folder for correspondence from the CRA

Worried Young Couple Lying On Carpet Calculating Their savings, planning future, retirement fund

Relief for the repayment of Covid benefits

The federal budget has rectified a potentially harsh tax treatment of benefit recipients

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Worried about a possible increase to the capital gains inclusion rate?

Options for your clients to consider if they’re concerned about the inclusion rate increasing

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Why clients should contribute to RRSPs before the deadline

Some clients may be reluctant to maximize their RRSPs for fear of missing out on other tax advantages

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How should clients claim home office expenses this tax season?

Help your clients choose between the detailed method and a temporary flat-rate method 

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Help clients plan for tax-efficient charitable giving

Three topics to discuss with your clients before the end of the year

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Which home-office expenses can be reimbursed tax-free?

The CRA has provided more details on the types of home-office expenditures employees can be reimbursed for without incurring a taxable benefit

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Understanding new Covid benefits can be a taxing process

Your clients may need to set aside funds to cover a potential tax bill in April

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Help your clients plan for instalment payments

Clients can minimize payments by choosing the calculation method that best suits them

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After the CERB…

Breaking down eligibility requirements for three new government benefits

Miniature House on A Financial Graph

Tax compliance for clients with U.S. property

The CRA has taken an interest in U.S. real estate transactions

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Prescribed rate loan planning

Help your clients with their income splitting strategies

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Help your clients plan for tax owing on CERB payments

Payments must be reported as income for the 2020 tax year

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Is it time for temporary, tax-free RRSP withdrawals?

Many retirees are ineligible for the government assistance being offered during Covid-19

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Help your clients navigate new RRIF rules

The federal government has lowered the minimum RRIF withdrawal rate for 2020

5994395 - front view of the canadian parliament building , with nobody showing

Looking ahead to the federal budget

The C.D. Howe Institute’s “shadow budget” makes a number of recommendations for the feds to consider

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RRSP season or TFSA season?

Some clients may be better off contributing to a TFSA, but their contribution room will depend on when they turned 18

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TFSAs for 2020…and beyond

A report suggests the feds could make TFSAs even more useful

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Year-end charitable strategies for your clients to consider

Help your clients navigate charitable donations, tax-gain donating and donor-advised funds

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Potential tax changes in light of a Liberal minority

Help clients understand how previously announced tax changes could come to light

Senior couple planning a holiday

Foreign pension income is usually taxable

Help clients understand — and budget for — taxes on their foreign pensions

Female tax inspector looking at corporate financial documents with magnifying glass

Advisors can help clients avoid TFSA overcontributions

Investors who may have overcontributed to their TFSAs face harsh penalty tax

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‘Loss of source’ rule may come in handy

Investors who borrowed money to purchase a now-defunct investment can still write off interest on the loan

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New stock options rules introduced

What advisors need to know before the rules take effect in January

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Appeal Court upholds RRSP overcontribution penalties

Recent FCA case confirms lower court decision denying relief of overcontribution tax, penalties and interest