Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights offers an exclusive series of articles analyzing the results of the on-going Financial Comfort Zone Study, conducted by Missis­sauga, Ont.-based Credo Con­sulting Inc. in partnership with Montreal-based TC Media’s investment group. (Investment Executive is published by TC Media’s investment group.) The survey, conducted monthly in English and French, is designed to gain insight into the relationships among financial advice, financial well-being and overall life satisfaction in Canadian society. The number of respondents has grown to more than 30,000 respondents since fall 2015.

February 4, 2018

Making the client relationship personal

Recent TC Media/Credo consumer survey finds that personal relationships greatly deepen the bonds that form with advisors, including a willingness to provide referrals

  • May 19, 2016 May 19, 2016
  • 23:45

Money worries tarnish golden years

Many of your older clients fear outliving their nest eggs in retirement

  • April 21, 2016 January 20, 2018
  • 23:00