Buck Consultants has reached an agreement with Russell/Mellon Analytical Services to offer Russell/Mellon’s performance measurement and institutional investment analysis services to Buck’s consulting clients in Canada.

The actuarial and benefits consulting firm says that the addition of Russell/Mellon’s services to Buck’s asset management consulting practice will create one of the industry’s most comprehensive risk and return information services.

Pension plan sponsors are required to oversee the investment returns and risks in their funds. Russell/Mellon has developed a comprehensive reporting capability that measures the returns and loss potential of institutional investors’ funds.

“Our alliance with Russell/Mellon will complement the type of analysis we currently offer and reinforce our commitment to provide pre-eminent investment consulting services,” said Barry Sutton, President and Chief Executive Officer, Buck Consultants

Under the terms of the alliance, Buck will offer Russell/Mellon analysis to its clients as a stand-alone or integrated service with other asset management consulting services. An integrated reporting solution will be delivered to Buck’s clients in a seamless fashion.