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The growing interest in responsible investment is undeniable. With the ever-increasing number of products available on the market and the complexity surrounding this type of investment, investors need more than ever to be accompanied by their adviser to choose the products that respect their social and environmental convictions.

At NBI, we believe people are at the heart of finance and investment. This conviction is also in line with our vision of responsible investment. In addition to allowing us to select among the most successful portfolio management firms in the world, our open architecture gives us the flexibility to do business with those who have adopted the best practices in responsible investment. We base our assessment of external firms on more than 25 criteria, including the ESG pillar, which is an integral part of our due diligence.

The diversity of approaches enriches our platform

The portfolio managers selected by NBI employ different responsible investment approaches—depending on the asset class—ranging from excluding undesirable companies or economic sectors to aligning a portfolio around the main themes related to sustainable development. It is this last approach that distinguishes NBI in terms of responsible investment.

« Our open architecture gives us the flexibility to do business with those who have adopted the best practices in responsible investment. »

The Sustainable Development Goals as an investment framework

NBI uses the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to define sustainability. The United Nations developed the SDGs to fight poverty and inequality and improve the lot of the planet.

In March 2020, NBI became Canada’s first investment fund management company to launch actively managed ETFs whose investment process integrates the SDGs. Since then, we have expanded the offer with a desire to make our sustainable strategies accessible to everyone.

The portfolio managers in charge of NBI’s sustainable development mandates must ensure that the securities they invest in offer products and services that meet one or more of the SDGs. Thus, the selection of portfolio companies excludes right off sectors such as defense, alcohol, tobacco, and thermal coal, among others.

Building the portfolio of the future

NBI’s offer reflects our philosophy of placing people at the heart of finance and investment. We constantly strive to improve risk-adjusted returns and believe responsible investing is one way to get there.

Our definition of a future-oriented portfolio is looking for companies seizing the opportunities of a world in transition, thereby allocating capital to projects that will contribute to a more sustainable future.

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