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Report on the Nation 2015

Declining oil; Ontario out of the doldrums; banking on the U.S.; and much more. A province-by-province economic report from the February 2015 issue of Investment Executive newspaper.

In this Special Feature

  • Out of the doldrums

    Hitting a positive note in Ontario

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  • Declining oil & loonie are boons for B.C.

    Rising U.S. demand, cheaper fuel and lower loonie are likely to push the B.C. recovery strongly forward, boosting incomes

    Report on the Nation
  • Alberta: Gearing down, fast

    Diving oil prices will slow everything, from office construction to employment growth. But prices could be back up this year

    Report on the Nation
  • Saskatchewan: Resources darken outlook on the prairies

    Lower prices, from oil and potash to uranium, are crimping growth, although employment and spending remain relatively strong

    Report on the Nation
  • Quebec: Improving, but still sluggish

    A recent history of very slow growth is hampering confidence, although there are signs that activity will pick up this year

    Report on the Nation
  • Manitoba: Banking on the U.S. — and the sun

    Rising exports to the U.S. and a recovering farming industry are good news. But weather and politics cloud the picture

    Report on the Nation
  • Inching forward

    Continued but muted growth is expected for P.E.I., with the aerospace and processed-foods industries as drivers

    Report on the Nation
  • A brighter outlook

    Nova Scotia's economy is set to benefit from greater activity in the shipbuilding and offshore gas industries in the years ahead

    Report on the Nation
  • Forestry to drive growth

    The growing housing market in the U.S., combined with a lower Canadian dollar, bodes well for New Brunswick

    Report on the Nation
  • Stormy weather returns

    Sliding oil prices will hit the Rock hard, but there are some places to shelter. Mining exports should increase in 2015, and there's good news from an unexpected corner - the cod are back

    Report on the Nation
  • Mining is still key

    Public-sector projects are stimulating construction industry growth, but mining is still a major driving force for the territories

    Report on the Nation