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  1. Sonita Horvitch
    The managers discuss large-cap strategies in non-bank financials, energy, industrials and telecommunications.
  2. IE Staff
    Trimark global funds gain greater flexibility
  3. IE Staff
    Risk rating rating lowered
  4. IE Staff
    More large cap managers outperform benchmark
  5. Sonita Horvitch
    In part two of the roundtable, the managers share their views on Canada’s major banks and their top management.
  6. IE Staff
    Canadian domiciled ETFs provide investors with exposure to the U.S. market without the complications of holding comparable U.S. domiciled ETFs
  7. Sonita Horvitch
    Three managers discuss the current volatility in the Canadian equity market and how it's affecting their outlook for various sectors and specific companies.
  8. Sonita Horvitch
    Morningstar columnist Sonita Horvitch moderates a discussion with three Canadian equity fund managers
  9. IE Staff
    Investment objectives revised for “character conversion” funds
  10. IE Staff
    Desjardins GAM to serves as portfolio manager