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  1. IE Staff
    New names for six Trimark fixed-income funds
  2. Tessie Sanci
    As more companies enter the ETF market, there’s more of an emphasis to develop innovative products that cater to investors’ needs to deal with volatility in the markets
  3. IE Staff
    Fixed administration fee model to replace operating expenses
  4. Tessie Sanci
    Two floating rate funds affected by move
  5. Tessie Sanci
    Firm modifies subadvisor and risk rating to income fund and bond fund
  6. Tessie Sanci
    The firm is reducing fees on six funds and eliminating Series AN and Series FN of four funds
  7. IE Staff
    Assets under management edge down from May
  8. Tessie Sanci
    The deal to acquire Redwood, which specializes in active fund management, will add $320 million in AUM to Purpose
  9. Tessie Sanci
    The Choose Alberta GIC offers a guaranteed return of 1.65% and a one-time bonus connected to the provincial unemployment rate
  10. Tessie Sanci
    The company will also take over portfolio management duties for NEI Ethical American Multi-Strategy Fund and NEI Ethical Global Dividend Fund