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  1. James Langton
    Guidelines explain methodology, classification categories, and associated volatility for each fund category
  2. Michael Ryval
    Manager aims for U.S. stock exposure with low volatility
  3. IE Staff
    R- and S-class units cancelled
  4. IE Staff
    MERs corrected for Class A and O units
  5. Sonita Horvitch
    AGF’s Peter Frost considers that bond yields have bottomed and is switching his focus back to equities.
  6. Michael Ryval
    Hedge-fund manager is bullish on Alberta’s residential market
  7. Diana Cawfield
    Trimark manager steers a steady course
  8. IE Staff
    Mark Grammer will become sole lead of the Mackenzie growth team
  9. James Langton
    Mutual fund AUM rose by $8.7 billion last month
  10. IE Staff
    Lower risk ratings for seven funds