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  1. IE Staff
    Decline in assets makes it difficult to efficiently manage the fund
  2. IE Staff
    Caps and redesignations for Series E and F, replacement series launched
  3. IE Staff
    Funds join suite of RBC Quant Dividend Leaders ETFs
  4. Fiona Collie
    2014 Canadian Hedge Fund Award winners announced
  5. IE Staff
    Reports for nine funds restated
  6. IE Staff
    TD Insurance study finds individuals would need an average of $45,609 in savings if they cannot work for a year
  7. IE Staff
    Multi-Strategy Market Neutral Fund, Enhanced US Equity Fund now trading on TSX
  8. IE Staff
    New ETF seeks to offer investors a non-investment grade, high income, low duration strategy
  9. IE Staff
    Less than 20 per cent of working Nova Scotians contribute to an RRSP
  10. Diana Cawfield
    Manager gives lagging small- and mid-cap fund a makeover