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  1. Megan Harman
    Karen Cutler, VP and chief underwriter at Manulife Financial, discusses steps advisors can take to avoid disappointment when selling critical illness insurance. She addresses rated cases, risk factors, and premium tolerance vs face amount as a priority for clients.
  2. Megan Harman
    Rising costs and rigorous underwriting have many advisors reluctant to sell CI, but experts say the product appeals to many clients
  3. Special Feature

    A critical opportunity

    Megan Harman
    A web exclusive feature on critical illness insurance
  4. IE Staff
    Retooled fund allows greater flexibility and complements traditional approaches
  5. Diana Cawfield
    Emerging-markets manager pursues growth themes
  6. IE Staff
    Funds in Core series renamed
  7. IE Staff
    New funds provide investors with iaccess to short-term fixed-income investments
  8. IE Staff
    Fund closing to new purchases
  9. Canadian Press
    Equity, short-term funds see withdrawals
  10. Sonita Horvitch
    Jason Gibbs forecasts significant growth ahead for Canadian stocks