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  1. Ian Bickis
    The investment firm is now in the middle of a cross-Canada tour and advertising campaign to change the perception that it’s only about resources
  2. IE Staff
    Fund mergers, terminations planned for February
  3. IE Staff
    The funds are part of a new suite of iShares FactorSelect ETFs.
  4. Michael Ryval
    When interest rates rise, says Roger Mortimer, the tide will turn against expensive growth stocks
  5. IE Staff
    Natural resources equity fund hit hard
  6. James Langton
    Policy-makers could address the issue by exempting mutual funds from sales taxes or by applying the rules that are applied to pension funds, new report suggests
  7. Jade Hemeon
    New PTFs will be sold to investors who have discretionary or non-discretionary accounts with fee-based advisors
  8. Jade Hemeon
    Opportunities in the Canadian fixed-income market may be limited, but investors can look abroad for higher yields
  9. IE Staff
    China Asset Management to manage Excel China Fund
  10. IE Staff
    But less than half of those surveyed say they have discussed ETFs with their financial advisors