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  1. IE Staff
    Fund mergers and sub-advisor change take effect in June
  2. Alan Husdal
    Ratings lowered from “high” to “medium”
  3. Diana Cawfield
    Unimpressed with the world’s balance sheet
  4. IE Staff
    Cash Flow Series expanding to low volatility funds and TD North American Dividend Fund
  5. IE Staff
    New offerings for investors seeking tax-efficient investment solutions
  6. Deborah Fuhr
    Deborah Fuhr, managing partner and co-founder ETFGI, discusses the increasing use of exchange-traded funds as portfolio management tools. She spoke at the 2014 Exchange Traded Forum, hosted by Radius Financial Education in Toronto.
  7. IE Staff
    Fund company security-holders approve seven product mergers
  8. IE Staff
    New managers for Monthly Pay Fund
  9. IE Staff
    Series F management fees reduced; 33 new Series D funds available through InvestorLine
  10. IE Staff
    Funds to continue using index investing model