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  1. Sonita Horvitch
    In part three of a fixed-income roundtable, the managers explain why they are positioning their portfolios conservatively
  2. IE Staff
    The mergers would reduce duplication and help streamline and simplify CI’s fund lineup
  3. IE Staff
    First Asset Cambridge Core Canadian Equity ETF and First Asset Cambridge Core U.S. Equity ETF began trading on the TSX on Friday
  4. IE Staff
    Currently, each of the terminating class funds invests solely in its respective continuing trust fund equivalent
  5. IE Staff
    The firm plans to introduce four actively managed ETFs and three ETFs that will allocate tactically among other ETFs
  6. Jade Hemeon
    Some money managers are upping their exposure to Latin America, believing the worst is over and stock prices have strong upside potential
  7. IE Staff
    Retirement Redefined offers access to advice and tools to Canadians who have their employer’s group retirement plans managed by Manulife
  8. IE Staff
    The firm is also proposing to changed the investment objectives of two other funds
  9. Jade Hemeon
    With the fastest-growing major economy in the world, a young population and an efficient new tax regime, India holds much potential for investors
  10. Sonita Horvitch
    In part two of a fixed-income roundtable, the managers discuss the impacts of Brexit and the U.S. election, the rate shock of negative yields, and volatility in corporate bonds